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Like so many people I have had the opportunity to have multiple careers in my life.  I have been a gymnastics coach, Director of Growth and Learning at my local church and  VP Branch Administrator at First State Bank, but my deepest calling is to Spiritual Direction and Life Coaching  I have been a spiritual director for nine years and have had the honor and privilege to walk, listen and pray with people as they discern, explore and become the people whom God created them to be. I have recently become a life coach.  Like spiritual direction I have witnessed the transformational power coaching has in people's careers and lives.  

I served as an associate and I am currently a board member of Pathways Retreat in Goshen, IN. During my time at Pathways I led discernment retreats for churches and church leadership teams. I led retreats on spirituality types and spiritual gifts, co-facilitated classes on spiritual practices and led Lenten and Advent services.

As a life coach I have the opportunity to work with my local church governing body and our national governing body to help leaders (individuals, teams or ministry groups) through the process of discerning the identity, purpose and activity to which God is calling them.

My family and I recently moved to Lafayette, IN.  Thankfully I can continue my ministry virtually and I am open to new opportunities in Lafayette and where ever people are longing for deeper connection with God, themselves and others.

Spiritual Formation and Direction certification from Wellstreams. Wellstreams is a three year formation and direction program offered through the Spirituality Network of Columbus, OH.

Level 1 Coach training through Coach Net.

Level 2 Coaching-Mission Development and Congregational

Vitality training though ELCA Coaching

Level 2 Coaching-Discipleship training through ELCA Coaching

ACC Training and Mentor Coaching through ELCA Coaching

Graduate of the Indiana Bankers Association's  Leadership Development Program

Mediation Training for Church Leaders through the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.

Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist through Trinity School of Natural Health.

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